Found Form

As a child Simon Lownsborough made paper watches and bracelets. He always made things, doodled, painted. His subsequent direction in life stifled this for many years although he made clothing and leather bags and slab-built pots on weekends, and then later spent some time studying painting at Adelaide Central School of Art.

He sees beauty in the mundane, in the little details that surround us: the network of our day-to-day world. The shape and colour of a rock or the juxtaposition of road signage and a building catch his eye, as do the patterns and colours in nature, particularly along the coast. Using different materials that add to the narrative of a piece interests him, especially if the context changes. He is drawn to transitions between elements and colours.

"I am wary of polished perfection – I can appreciate it, but it is not me. I like a ‘perfect imperfection’ because for me there is more to the story, more character. A different way of seeing always resonates with me.

If I make a mistake in the process this might inspire a new direction, which is wonderful. Accidents should not be ignored. 

More than anything I enjoy the process of creating and making. It nourishes me and pushes me along in a way that painting never did. I am at home, totally immersed in the process when I make.

I am self taught apart from two short courses at the Jam Factory that gave me the rudiments of piercing out and soldering.

My art practice is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities in nature and observations of my everyday.

With jewellery and sculptural objects I have found my place at last."

He started found form in February 2017