Wardrobe Edit eBook (International Version)

Wardrobe Edit eBook (International Version)

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Is your wardrobe jam packed full of clothes you never really wear? Do you wish to organise & declutter your wardrobe BUT don't know where to start?

Then this eBook is perfect for you. It is simple & VERY effective!

It helps remove the angst of spring cleaning your wardrobe & gives you practical steps to achieve great results.

This eBook is perfect for those who may not have the budget to spend on a personal Stylist but want to achieve the same results. It helps you sort out what clothing you love to wear & what really should be moved on.

There are Additional Tips to show you how you can recycle your clothing to either donate to worthy causes, or to make some extra $$

Purchase this eBook to help you achieve a renewed Wardrobe that you love & enjoy wearing again  xx

What customers are saying about the eBook:

"An amazing initiative. I now have a decluttered wardrobe of clothes, shoes etc that aren't lost in the 'too many' of everything. Even my husband has taken it on board. Certainly worth trying ladies. You will love it"  Betty (SA)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was hesitant at first to purchase this thinking how could it really help? I now have a wardrobe that is ordered & I don't fight my way through it looking for something I could possibly wear for the day"  Jess (ACT)

"My wardrobe was full of clothes I really hadn't worn for years. This eBook helped me do what I have needed to do for so long. The best part is I now have a great excuse to go shopping for some new clothes. But now I will be more selective with my purchases because I know what I have & what I need. Thank you."  Anna (Wollongong)

"So I took your advice on one of the pages & did this with my friend via Zoom. We had so much fun - probably a little too much fun. We both had our glass of bubbles & worked our way slowly through a couple of sections in our wardrobes. Made for a great Friday night in with lots of laughs. Still some more to do & look forward to our next Friday night with no doubt some more bubbles"  Natalie (Neutral Bay)