About Us

"Fashion you can buy but style you posses. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There is no road map to style. It's about self expression & above all - Attitude"  Iris Apfel

Since closing the doors of my gallery space in Milton in 2019 & moving online, I have been on a journey of self discovery. A journey that took us through the horrendous fires on the South Coast. Only to come out of those & into what is now all our current situation dealing with Covid19. Learning to adapt, to pivot and continuing on through much trial & error.  

The journey of style as Iris says takes years. It requires an attitude of playfulness and a willingness of self expression through exploring & experimenting with creativity, to bring you to your own point of style. Each of us are unique & have our own individual style. Style is subjective - hence our name. Style is what? It differs from you to me. But that is the beauty of playing with this thing called Fashion. We get to define Style for ourselves. It is not found in current trends. It transcends the fads of fast fashion. It can be timeless, simple, modern or quirky. It just requires the confidence to play. Like we did when we were young playing dress ups in our mother's wardrobe.

I started out selling contemporary jewellery. Jewellery that has been made by hand with a love of creativity & self expression. Jewellery designed by artisans who put their heart & soul into their creations with their soul purpose to be enjoyed by you. Statement jewellery that create a focal point for any outfit. Unique, Contemporary, Individual  Bold jewellery for bold women/men who aren't afraid to stand out!

In the old space I started offering a small selection of clothing that I felt was as individual as the wearer. I have begun again to look for pieces that can compliment your own self expression of style. Whether they are from smaller designers or clothing that I up cycle & play with to express my own inner creativity.

Finally, I have also now started offering a small selection of Styling Services for both women & men. Over time this part of the business will expand as I explore new avenues to help you find your own inner style.

I look forward to exploring, playing & creating. Creating Style journey's not only for myself but for you also

Juanita xx